Reinvented – A 2005 GT Aggressor mountain bike converted to 26″ BMX Cruiser

Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the bike has been transformed.


As a mountain bike this 2005 GT Aggressor was destined for the scrap heap. Purchased on eBay, the bike was rescued and converted into a 26″ GT BMX Cruiser.

The small sized MTB frame was first dismantled and the original paint stripped. The frame was polished with a medium course steel wool. The 26″ rims had the rusted old hubs and spokes removed they were cleaned and the tops painted gloss black. The rims were re-laced with 36 hole GT Bikes Mohawk Hubs (taken from a ’98 GT Bikes Mach 1 BMX) and a new Dicta 17T Freewheel.

Note: On a BMX frame, the chain tension is adjusted by moving the rear wheel forward or backwards in the rear dropouts. On a mountain bike the rear derailluer adjusts the chain tension. Chain tension on a converted mountain bike frame without a rear derailleur is done by matching the correct number of teeth on the freewheel and chain wheel. For example on this build, the chainwheel has 46 teeth, when a 16 tooth freewheel was installed the chain tension was too slack. With a 17 tooth freewheel the extra tooth added enough sprocket size to tighten the chain to the right tension.

A second hand GT Piston Stem was sourced from eBay, matched with new Chrome Moly Sunlite threadless black forks, new Chrome Moly black BMX cruiser style handlebars and the completely reconditioned headset from the old bike. The original Tektro V brake arms were sanded and sprayed white to match new set of white brake levers. New black woven brake housing and cables were installed. New black Shun 46T cranks, new black and chrome chain and Welgo platform pedals were installed on a reclaimed Giant MTB bottom bracket cassette. A new layback chrome seat post with dark grey padded faux suede seat was sourced to match dark grey AME grips. 26″ Duro white wall cruiser tyres with Continental tubes with yellow caps finish the ride.

Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the bike has been transformed. This unique, polished aluminium 26″ GT cruiser BMX not only looks better, but now has a nicer ride than the original mountain bike that it was. Hopefully this 10 year old bike can now be enjoyed for many more years to come.

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5 thoughts on “Reinvented – A 2005 GT Aggressor mountain bike converted to 26″ BMX Cruiser

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  2. Hi, what size frame did you use? And how tall are you if you don’t mind? I’m wanting to build a cruiser with 26″ wheels, but I don’t know what size frame to look for, I’m 6ft 4inches.


    1. I’m 6’7″ and I used whatever cheap frame I could find. I wanted it to be small in the seat tube so the bike had more of a BMX shape. The frame was a small size maybe like 17″ or 18″.


  3. What did you use to remove the paint? Any suggestions, recommendations.
    I am looking to do a similar build but I want to keep the donor mountain bike’s front suspension fork (more of a dirt jump bike). Am I going to have a hard time finding a bmx headset to fit the fork?


    1. Hey mate. I used paint stripper and a hours of sanding. My dremmel was a gouge asset getting into the welds. Yours may be different but a regular 1/18 threadless headset is no problem to find.


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