Refound – Mid School 1999 Redline FS840 BMX bike

Refound in Sutherland, Sydney May 2014. A completely stock (apart from the seat) 1999 Redline FS840 BMX with hardly a scratch.


The Redline FS840 20″ BMX was designed for Freestyle Flatland riding. The frame design with extended seat stays that wraparound the seat post has been around for many years and is not unique to Redline bikes, however the 1999 FS840 model is the last year Redline made this frame, or any specific Freestyle frame. The FS840 has a solid chrome moly frame, and all together is a heavy bike, not quite as heavy as many of it’s peers, the late 90′ Hoffman George is certainly heavier.

This bike was purchased in almost completely stock condition, as though it just rolled out of the bike shop. It still had the original reflectors and only the seat and pedals had been replaced. The bike even had nearly new Redline 20″x1.95″ tyres still on it and all decals were in great condition. There was some bad rust pitting across the handlebars and oxidisation on the other chrome parts.

The bike was completely stripped down and all parts de-greased. The frame, brake callipers, head clamp and chain wheel had a scrub and complete polish with Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound. The chrome seat post, cranks and forks had all traces of rust and oxidisation removed with steel wool, then also polished. The chain was cleaned with mineral turps.

Building the bike back up, all parts were greased, the bottom bracket bearings were replaced, original second hand Redline resin pedals were sourced and a new age and style appropriate black padded, dropnose seat was purchased to give the bike back it’s original look. Pedals and brake levers received a touch up with semi gloss black paint.

Refoundary 1999 Redline FS840 BMX bike

The frame is in perfect condition with no dents and doesn’t hardly have a scratch on it. The rust on the bars cleaned off very well but has left traces of pitting that only a re-chrome will completely solve. Overall the bike is in excellent condition, it’s a mid-school rider and not a show bike but still very collectible and memorable in it’s own right. I would rate this bike a 9/10.

1999 Redline FS840 BMX

Refoundary 1999 Redline FS840 BMX bike

Thankfully this bike has now been refound by a new owner and will no doubt be ridden for while longer.

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