Restoring rim strips on Mongoose Pro Class BMX wheels

One of the hardest tasks to complete on the 1986 Mongoose Expert BMX restoration has been refurbishing the coloured rim strips that sit inside the Pro Class BMX wheels. The original light cyan blue rim strips had faded over time and were looking their age.


Restored 1986 Mongoose Expert BMX

New Pro Class rim strips are available for purchase on eBay through seller toy$4bigboy. The seller has a number of colours and lengths for different wheel sizes 20″, and 24″. Stock is limited and the process for buying is very confusing. Don’t buy them from the seller on eBay, you’ll need to send him an email. The sale is done privately. toy$4bigboy’s rim strips are good but I found the royal blue to be too dark, and nothing like the original light cyan blue found on my original.

I also searched for other alternatives, scouring eBay, craft and hardware stores for anything that resembled a foil tape or ribbon. I purchased a number of plastic craft ribbons, but nothing I found seemed to be true to the original. Finally, after changing my keyword search on Google, I found chrome tape for sale on eBay. There are 8 colours available including light cyan blue, red and royal blue.

The chrome tape from nig88bro-chief comes in a number of widths 12mm, 18mm, 24mm and 48mm and is 16m (54ft) in length. The light cyan blue is as good a match for the colour as I can find. The tape is a very fine foil, and has a bright chrome finish.

The direct link to the chrome tape on eBay is here:

I purchased the 24mm tape to make sure it was wide enough to re-cover my Mongoose rim strips. The actual process of covering the original strips was pretty straight forward. I laid out the original strips on a large table, and stuck them down lightly to the table with sticky tape so they were straight.

I then ran the new chrome foil tape along the top of the rim strips, carefully ensuring the rim strips were centred and fully covered. The tape is very sticky so there is not much room for error. I didn’t want to have to remove the tape once it was stuck down. Cut off the excess chrome tape from the strips and cut around the valve holes and you’re done.

Restored Mongoose Pro Class rim strips

The new strips look fantastic. They have totally transformed the old Mongoose Pro Class rims and the 1986 Mongoose Expert is back to it’s former glory.

What solutions have you found for restoring old school Mongoose Pro Class rim strips? Let us know, we’d love to see all your different results.

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