Refound – 1985 Repco Hotfoot BMX in disguise

A rebuilt, old school Australian rider with heaps of originality. Refound in Kincumber, NSW June 2014, the bike was in need of TLC.

1985 Repco Hotfoot in disguise

The Hotfoot looked like it was hiding behind a bad mid school 90’s BMX disguise. After the incorrect era, cheap K-Mart rims, bars, seat and seat post were removed and the rusted out chain binned. There was still a lot of originality left on the bike. The Hotfoot oval tube forks with bevelled front and rear edges looked amazing. The bike also had the original Repco bikes decal on the seat tube, Giant stamped ‘G’ seat post clamp bolt and Sugino 43T Japan chain wheel.

The Repco Hotfoot BMX was made for the Australian market by Giant Bicycles and was a low end BMX bike back in the 80’s, and although now vintage, they don’t sell for big money. I wanted to rebuild an all chrome and black Old School looking BMX and this 80’s child was the perfect subject. The key to rebuilding this bike was to keep the cost as low as possible, while bringing back as much of the original old school ’85 look as I could.

The frame was stripped and rust removed. All parts cleaned and re-greased. I created a set of decals (I’m a graphic designer by trade) and printed them on adhesive clear plastic. The original (K-mart) pedals that came on the bike were cleaned and given a quick spray with matt black paint. I also had a pair of front brakes from another mid 90’s hotfoot I’d purchased as a donor bike. I changed out the centre bolt for a rear one and gave the brake set a few coats of matt black paint to bring them back.
1985 Repco Hotfoot rebuild
1985 Repco Hotfoot rebuild
Other parts I had already for another bike I’m working on, they included:
NOS Team CW style handlebars
New Chromoly layback seat post
Reconditioned 36H Weinmann RIMS, spokes and black Formula hubs
Reconditioned black Repco BMX Seat
Used Innova tyres
Used GT mid-school one-piece cranks
Used chain
This classic Australian all rounder BMX was transformed and ready to be released on the street again and has now been relocated to a new home.
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2 thoughts on “Refound – 1985 Repco Hotfoot BMX in disguise

  1. Hey mate, I’m having trouble finding a good clear plastic/vinyl that can run through my printer at home – the stuff I’ve used in the past is really thick and not waterproof – really only good as a temporary measure. What would you recommend?



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