Re-invented – Black 2001 Redline Proline Comp 20″ BMX

Building a stealth bomber. 2001 Redline Proline Comp 20″ BMX refound in North Queensland, Australia June 2014.


When I bought this BMX it was a completely stock 2001 Redline Proline Comp, originally purchased as a parts donor for a Redline RL340 I am are restoring. However after stripping, cleaning and setting aside the parts I wanted to keep, I decided to rebuild this BMX and give it a new, harder edged look. The alloy frame and chrome forks were in great condition with very little ride time through its life.

Stock Redline Proline Comp

I had also purchased a 2001 Redline RL340 from the same seller, which had a few black parts that could be donated to this project. The seat from the RL340 was in good condition, but the flame print had to go. So I set about removing the ink. Steel wool and Ajax meet seat. After getting most of the under printed white ink off the seat, I gave it a spray with matt black paint. Probably should have used a vinyl paint as enamel is not really the best solution for this job, but it seemed to work OK.

A few of the original Redline Proline Comp decals were scratched and for my liking there was a few too many. I took off many of the decals that were just there as decoration, leaving the main chrome Redline bottom tube, top tube, seat tube and fork decals. The bike still had the original plastic coating on the head tube badge. I kept it on.

2001 Redline Proline Comp

This Redline Proline Comp came with a set of smaller size Answer or Renthal style handlebars and chrome Tektro rear brakes, these were donated to my ’99 RL444 cruiser. The wheels, seat, pedals, cranks and chain set were donated to my ’98 RL340 rebuild.

The black RL444 Tektro brakes were reconditioned and installed with new cable. Black Redline handlebars, one piece cranks and chain wheel were donated from the RL340 and replaced a few of the chrome bits on the bike. The original silver wheels were removed and the black shiny side wheel set also from the RL340 were added.

The result looks great. A stealth black beast, with a few chrome parts that set off the chrome decals.

This bike has now been relocated to a new home.

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