Save or sacrifice – Redline Flight Chainwheel vs Profile Racing Cranks

I recently purchased this BMX for parts on my other bikes. It was listed on online with just this photo.


It was hard to tell exactly what I was getting as I didn’t recognise the brand (now confirmed as an S&M Dirt Bike or Holmes thanks to my brethren at OZBMX), but at least I could see it had chrome 3 piece cranks and some type of Redline chainwheel.

Profile Racing Cranks Redline Flight Chainwheel

When I picked up the BMX and got it into the car, I was finally able to see what I had. I couldn’t have been happier. The chrome cranks were Profile Racing Cranks and the chainwheel was a vintage old school Redline BMX Flight Chainwheel. Even the hubs were low flange Suzue sealed bearing hubs. Awesome find. Couldn’t wait to get the bike home to strip it.


Profile Racing Cranks Redline Flight Chainwheel

The chainwheel was installed the wrong way round. The old bubble font Redline logo was facing in, and the plain side of the chainwheel facing out. I quickly removed the Profile Racing Cranks from the frame and set about removing the old school Redline BMX 44T Flight Chainwheel, but that’s where progress halted. The chainwheel bolt is heavily rusted in place and the hex head on the bolt is quickly getting stripped. No amount of WD40 has helped. The chainwheel does have a slight crack on one side of the bolt, it’s not all the way through, but close.

So here is the big question. Save or sacrifice? Do I save both the Profile Racing BMX Cranks and old school Redline Flight Chainwheel and use them as they are – installed the wrong way round. Or do I risk destroying either the cranks or the chainwheel trying to remove them?

At the moment, I am going to clean them up and use them as they are. What would you do?

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