Old school 1986 Black Chrome Repco Hotfoot BMX bike rebuild

Refound in Penrith, Sydney July 2014. This old black chrome 1986 Repco Hotfoot BMX bike was originally purchased as a donor bike for my 1987 Repco Hotfoot 24″.


1986 Repco Hotfoot

When I picked it up it had pretty much all original old Hotfoot parts from 1986 including TrickTop Seat, knee saver handlebars, seat post and clamp, cranks, head clamp and chainwheel. The frame and forks also had a few of the original Hotfoot decal stickers in pink and white, with the Hi-Ten steel sticker on the seat tube in red, orange and yellow. The only original part this BMX didn’t have was the 1986 Repco Hotfoot 20″ wheels.

1986 Repco Hotfoot

1986 Repco Hotfoot

Having swapped over all the parts I needed, I was left with the black chrome frame and forks, which were in OK condition. The ‘black’ part of the chrome is actually a smokey grey lacquer that covers the chrome frame, this is very susceptible to flaking, and this is exactly what was happening this this old frame. With plenty of parts left over from other bikes I decided to rebuild and sell the 1986 Repco Hotfoot as a cheap old school bike.

1986 Repco Hotfoot

I decided on adding orange and white parts to match back to the colours in the stickers. The handlebars, chain wheel and seat clamp were refurbished and sprayed white. The wheel set is completely refurbished with steel high flange hubs from a mid school Mongoose laced to white steel rims. The original Hotfoot brake set had a colour change to white and given new Dia-Compe Tech 121 levers. The handlebars, seat and tyres are left over from a 1988 year BMX. Other new parts include the seat clamp and grips. I believe the head stem was also Mongoose and near mint.

1986 Repco Hotfoot

I was pretty pleased with the final build, keeping the build cost very low. This 1986 Repco Hotfoot BMX did sell for slightly above what I was asking, to a dad who was purchasing the bike for his young 7 year old son as his first 20″ bike. It was great to see this old BMX bike given a new life to another young boy to enjoy for a few more years.

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