Old Hutch Pro Raider BMX bike removed from time capsule after 30 years

Recently this pristine old 1985 Hutch Pro Raider BMX bike popped up on Australian ebay. The 30 year-or-so old BMX was in stunning condition, with every part and component exactly as it would have been the day that wide mouthed kid rolled it out the bike shop.


From original Hutch Tyres, still looking brand new with full tread to the Hutch grips that hardly look as though a hand has been laid upon them.

1985 Hutch Pro Raider

Ebay is full of BMX bikes that someone has either pulled apart or rebuild as best they can to an original spec. Many of these bikes have price tags well into the thousands, of which I am yet to see many of those bikes sell. An untouched original condition bike is surely worth a lot more than something pawed over and only half original.

Throughout the week of the auction I spent many hours looking over these photos, borrowed here for illustration purposed, every part of this 1985 Hutch Pro Raider is perfect. Sure it has a few rust spots, and the alloy doesn’t shine as much as it used to, this bike is a time capsule in itself.

1985 Hutch Pro Raider

The auction copy was simple and not overstated, I wonder if the re-seller recycled2u knew exactly what they had, given the starting at .99c. Then again, who could know, the value is the amount someone is willing to pay, either way I was as keen as every other BMX collector in Sydney, and possibly abroad to see what this beautiful old bike would eventually sell for.

1985 Hutch Pro Raider

Here’s the original auction description.

For Sale on eBay, Auction ending 07 Oct, 2014 21:13:36 AEDST


On offer is an 80’s Hutch Pro Raider Survivor right down to the Hutch tires. This bike has been ridden a few times only. The only down side to this magnificent bike is light surface rust around the crank and wheel spokes and light pitting on the chrome. Araya rims, Hutch 20″ tires (as new), MX brakes 3 star, Hutch bear trap pedals, Hutch handle grips still like new, Hutch gooseneck stem, original Hutch padset. Please take time to look at the enlarged photos for items cosmetic condition. Inspections welcome.

In general this bike looks like it just came out of the store except for the light surface rust and light pitting to the chrome.

Measurements: 20″ tires.

Seller recycled2u

With two days to go, bidding on the Hutch Pro Raider had slowed with the price just over $1000. On the morning of the last day, the price jumped up to $1500 where it sat for the remainder of the day. With most auctions ending with a flutter of bids, I eagerly watched the closing minutes of the sale. In the last second the auction did end slightly higher, after the total of 20 bids the bike sold for $1625.

1985 Hutch Pro Raider

A pretty good price for a great example of mid 80’s BMX history. I’ll never know the back story to this particular bike or where it has headed, but the bike has helped me put into perspective the over priced bikes on sale across Ebay and elsewhere.

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