Seaside view – 1996 Haro Group1 Zi BMX

Earlier this month I posted the build progress for the 1996 Haro Group1 Zi BMX I restored back in December 2014. Here’s the final photos and write up of the bike completed.



The 1996 Haro Group1 Zi frame underwent a complete strip and re-spray in two tone gloss seaside blue and matt dark grey, before it was rebuilt from scratch. I purchased as many Haro Fusion parts I could within the budget allocated to this bike.


Purchased parts included Haro Fusion seat post and seat post clamp plus Haro Fusion Sledge Hammer handlebars complete with original sticker. I also had an original Haro front rim and hub left over from a previous build.

Other parts included new Dia Compe 988 cantilever rear brakes, new Dia Compe MX2 brake lever, new brake cables and grips. The front loader head stem, one piece cranks, chainwheel, pedals and rear rim and hub were all refurbished parts as close to original as possible.

1996-Haro-Group1-zi-3 1996-Haro-Group1-zi-4 1996-Haro-Group1-zi-8 1996-Haro-Group1-zi-2

The entire bike was finished off with a custom designed Haro Group1 Zi decal sticker set.

For a list of blog posts that include other reproduction decals go to BMX Decals Design. For more information on all BMX decals go to

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6 thoughts on “Seaside view – 1996 Haro Group1 Zi BMX

  1. Hi mate,
    Love the build!
    Any chance you’d re-produce a set of those decals to sell? I’ve been looking for ages but no luck 😦
    Let me know


    1. Hey mate. I’m looking into a new printer that can do the white background needed for these. The silver is too tricky, time consuming and costly. Hopefully I’ll be testing in a few weeks.


  2. Hi mate
    Love the build!
    Any chance you’d sell a set of those decals as I’ve been trying for ages to find them with no luck 😦


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