What’s my old BMX bike worth?

Many BMX forums don’t allow members to discuss or get valuations of BMX bikes or parts from other members, this can often lead to lengthy debates that go on forever and members often disagreeing with each other. Other times people may over-inflate a value to sell at the highest possible price.


On the OzBMX forum, moderators very quickly shut down these threads stopping people from adding to the discussion. But there seems to be some need for people to get an idea to what something is roughly worth.


As a general rule, the true value of something is only the amount someone is willing to pay.

I watch a lot of BMX bikes and parts sell on eBay Australia, and watching final sale prices is a great way to see what things are worth this in real time. So, a regular post on the blog, I am going to write about and publish the sale price of BMX bikes and parts that have recently sold on eBay.

All price watching will be done on eBay Australia and I’ll include photos and as much detail about the bikes and parts as I can.

The idea of these posts is to help you get a rough idea on what to sell your BMX bike or part for. If you are interested in buying a BMX bike or part you’ll be able to see what a recent example sold for.

You’ll be able distinguish these posts from other posts on the blog by the name, I will add ‘PRICE WATCH’ at the beginning of each post and at the top of the post I will add the date of the auction end so you can see when the particular bike or part sold for.

So you can see these posts regularly, I suggest you follow this blog via email, that way you will receive PRICE WATCH posts directly into your email inbox.

I can never know about every BMX or part that is for sale, so if you spot an interesting bike that is up on eBay for auction, notify me by email and i’ll follow the auction and write it up when it’s finished.

For a list of all the tracked ebay sales blog posts go to eBay Monthly Sales. For more information on all BMX decals go to re-rides.com.

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2 thoughts on “What’s my old BMX bike worth?

  1. Great idea, it would be good to see which bikes appreciate at the fastest rate relative to others. Personally I’m a Raleigh fan and reckon they are still good value.


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