1980’s Redline MX2 old school BMX no serial number

Since picking up this 1980’s Redline MX2 beauty a few weeks back, I’ve spent some time looking into the differences between early 80’s Redlines.



What I purchased was an early 80’s Redline MX2 old school BMX with no serial number. There was no doubt it was an genuine Redline BMX. The oval stamped logo was there under the bottom bracket. I did some digging. There is lots os speculation about these frames, where and when they were built and who by. Apparently, back in the early 80’s there was a factory here Australia that had a contract to make Redlines due to the huge demand. The no serial Redlines may have been made after the contract had been terminated. Who really knows?


There are two major things that set early Redline MX2’s from the later MX3 (Also stickered as MX2), no matter where they were made – an 18″ top tube length (MX3 had 18.75″) and the two oversized holes at the seat stays inside the bottom bracket. This Redline frame certainly has both of those.

The bike also has a number of genuine, awesome Redline parts on it.

Australian Built Redline MX2 Frame
Redline MX2 Forks
Unstamped Redline
Redline Brute Stem (Japan stamped)
Blue Shimano DX Pedals
1980 Stamped ACS Hubs
Blue Ano Ukai 7C Rims
Blue Ano Dia Compe 1020 Rear Brakes
Blue Addicks Seat Clamp – cracked 😦


The bike has some surface rust to the frame. After a citric acid bath I’m sure it will clean up pretty well.

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2 thoughts on “1980’s Redline MX2 old school BMX no serial number

  1. Im lost . I need info on a redline frame with the serial number L801009-94 it has the redline logo and the word tri-moly on it. Any info on it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Sincerly, Charles Rodriguez


    1. Hey mate,

      I have the same frame with the same serial beginning. I have been told that it’s an 88 build 89 model. It seems that in 1988 at some point the way serial numbers were marked changed. Later ones have L88. Most likely a 500c. Cheers


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