Old school 1980’s Quicksilver BMX – Original Barn Find

Today this 1980’s Quicksilver BMX came up for auction on eBay Australia. For an hour or so I was the highest bidder.


Made by Competition Developments – Quicksilver is known to have introduced Australia to the sport of BMX – they are the most sought after old school BMX bikes in Australia. The first bikes Quicksilver made were straight up copies of Mongoose (the owners at the time even openly admitted – but they quickly became one of the things many young Aussie boys dreamt about in the early 80’s (and many old boys now).


The home of the factory was in Riverstone, Australia. About an hour and a bit drive north west of Sydney. Quicksilver BMX bikes were produced between 1977 to 1983 with some bikes also produced up to 1993. The factory is long gone now and there are many urban legends written about the factory and site.

Quicksilver BMX’s don’t come up for sale for very often. Collectors rarely sell and actually finding one for sale is quite frankly impossible. So I was pretty excited to see one available on eBay. Over the past 12 months I’ve slowly been selling off my mid-school bikes and accumulating older BMX’s from the early 80’s. For a few hours today I became that boy dreaming of owning one of these classic Australian BMX bikes.

Of course as soon as I saw this Quicksilver BMX pop up on eBay, I contacted the owner and asked if they would take BIN offers. Didn’t hear back, so I put bid down. Would it be mine? How much would it sell for? How far would I go. Will the owner get back to me and how much should I offer? My brain was awash with thoughts.


Within about an hour or two the auction was ended and so were my chances of owning one of these super rare, legendary Aussie BMX’s. Oh well, this just cements the dream and I’ll have to wait a little longer.

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