2006 Redline Flight 24 BMX rebuild and restoration

I recently finished a rebuild and custom restoration on a 2006 Redline Flight 24 Cruiser BMX – Bubba Harris Signature Edition. I purchased the bike complete although it had a few parts upgraded from the original parts that would have come with it.



The original colour of the frame and forks was red/black fade with black handlebars. The graphics on the decals were a bit busy and dated – not to mention the incorrect spelling of Aluminium (Was spelt Aluminum).



The frame on these Redline Flights is made from U6 Aluminium and the forks are CR-MO stamped flight forks. The wheels are Sun Rhyno Lite XL, 36-hole on RL aluminum, Rear: RL Race Cassette sealed bearing hubs. The rear on mine had been changed to a very loud Odyssey Race cassette hub. The original low Redline cruiser handle bars had been swapped out for what I believe to be Black S&M Slam Bars – a much better choice for this bike. They were definitely going to stay. As I was going to change up the colour scheme the SDG I-Fly I-Beam BMX seat and post were going to have to go. The original Redline Proline Flight Cranks were still on the bike and thankfully the ugly web style chainwheel had already been swapped over for a Profile Racing chainwheel. The previous owner cared about this bike.

Overall the condition of the 2006 Redline Flight 24 BMX Cruiser was pretty good. There were spots of chipped and scratched red paint but no dents, cracks or fixes anywhere. I decided to have the frame media blasted back to raw aluminium. The colour scheme would be changed to silver black and white. The forks, bars and new replacement seat post were sprayed white.


I pulled down and cleaned the wheel set and then rebuilt the using the original spokes with new nipples. I purchased a white vinyl Redline decal set from eBay and then produced a new Bubba Harris Flight 24 decal for the top tube. I also created a S • U • N • R • I • M • S • 2 • 4  set of decals to sit on the rims between the spokes. The black Proline Flight Cranks were resprayed white and given a new decal and finally I added a fresh pair of Shimano DX BMX peddles.



I replaced the worn tyres with a set of black wall TIOGA Comp 3 tyres – the same tyres on the 2006 Redline Flight 24 BMX Cruiser originally. The new colour scheme and parts has transformed a once pedestrian looking cruiser into a beast that may well become my daily rider.


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One thought on “2006 Redline Flight 24 BMX rebuild and restoration

  1. Sweet rebuild. I’d like to replace the white color on my Bubba Harris 24” cruiser with clear-coated, raw aluminum. Maybe polished aluminum would look nice, too.


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